About Us

Who is the Building Biologist?

Craig and Paula are a husband and wife team who delved into Bio-Resonance back in 2010 when trying to overcome personal ailments. When discovering the amazing results we decided to invest in our own Bio-Resonance devices and become educated in this field. Although we do not advocate any particular brand of Bio-Resonance devices, we personally use Rayonex machines for our Building Biology consultations.

Craig DanielCraig Daniel is our leading Building Biologist. He has been working with Bio-Resonance for many years in various fields. A friend once asked to see if he could find out what Geopathic stress could be found in her home. Realising that nullifying the effects of Geopathic stress this was an extremely important requirement for good health in the home, he decided to dedicate her energies to developing a service that could be cost effective and useful for anybody. Now he has developed a meticulous approach to effectively helping many clients to a better healthier home.

Paula Franks-Daniel works alongside Craig in promoting healthy homes. Getting the message into the UK is no easy task, Paula has worked in Marketing for a decade and is now focusing efforts on getting the Bio-Resonance message to the masses.