What is bio-resonance?

To explain Bio-Resonance, we will use an example found in nature.

Consider our source of light, the Sun. When sunlight reaches our skin, amazing things happen naturally. We feel the heat of the sun, but more importantly the UV light that penetrates our skin is capable of stimulating pigmentation of the skin. This is why if we stay long enough in sunlight we can get a suntan. But of course too much sunlight can burn the skin as well.

Our skin has a natural reaction to the UV light, e.g. it makes it look darker, this is our skins specific response to the UV frequencies that are transmitted from our sun. Of course this is only 1 reaction in our body to sunlight, we also begin producing Vitamin D, which is another obvious positive response from exposure to sunlight.

We can take from this example that the narrow frequency transmitted from sunlight can initiate responses in our body, we can conclude that other frequencies will also cause our body to respond in various ways

In 1976 a man named Paul Schmidt learnt how various frequencies affect all creatures on earth. He therefore founded what we call today Bio-Resonance. The primary purpose of his work was to aid the elimination of casual effects on our well-being, such things as E-Smog, Geopathic stress, Food Intolerance's and so on.

Since 1976 a lot of development has taken place in the field of Bio-Resonance, and today we use a machine known as the Rayocomp PS10, a portable device invented by a company called Rayonex. There are many uses for Bio-Resonance, and if you are suffering with a chronic illness we would recommend you book an appointment with a Therapist who specialises in Bio-Resonance.