ElectroSmog (E-Smog)

E-Smog has been around for a very long time. It mainly refers to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and is emitted from all electronic and magnetic devices.

Since the development of mobile phones around 20 years ago, E-Smog has been massively amplified to levels never seen before. It is still a matter for debate as to what harm EMF causes on human health. But there is a large amount of reading material dedicated to this subject which we would recommend you look at.

We also recommend you have your home tested for both Geopathic Stress and EMF if you feel that these may be contributing to an unhealthy home.

Combat E-Smog (EMF)
We use the latest BioResonance technology to identify E-Smog (EMF) in your home. We can then provide solutions that will eliminate E-Smog from your home.

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Home Testing
When performing a EMF Test in your home, we use a (Rayocomp PS10), which is a portable BioResonance device that allows us to detect unwanted frequencies. This is done by a thorough investigation of each room in your house inch by inch.

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Rayonex Equipment
The Rayocomp PS10 is an ideal, portable bio-resonance device for professionals. top_img04

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Consultant Skills
We have many years experience testing and protecting homes from EMF. Read some testimonials from our happy clients.

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